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My vision when setting up Flo’s Eiderdowns was to re-introduce and perhaps, depending upon age, introduce clients to the beauty of eiderdowns. This wonderful piece of bed linen can give any bedroom that “wow factor” and used cleverly with the other patterns and colours chosen for curtains, cushions, upholstery and wallpapers will produce a classic and timeless decorative bedroom design scheme, full of layers and interest. Truly Sumptuous!

Susi Bellamy and Flos Eiderdowns are a natural match.

Eighteen months after the launch of my business, the opportunity to work in a collaboration with Susi Bellamy as an influential designer popped up through an instagram connection. Producing eiderdowns using her extraordinarily beautiful fabrics is extremely exciting and it will offer the chance to take my vision further.

Susi uses the inspiration of traditional marbling techniques and styles bedded in the era of Florentine Renaissance . The colour palettes are exotic, rich, innovative and opulent.

The linen fabric used on our first eiderdown shown in the images below is inspired by a traditional Florentine design using a dahlia inspired palette. The other colour palettes of saffron and tamarind are also available and equally beautiful.  The velvet fabrics are inspired by the free flowing patterns created by the movement of water, in colour palettes of peacock, teal, blush and duck egg.  Just stunning !

The ethos of Flo’s eiderdowns is  “Tradition re-styled” that is taking an old favourite, evoking joyful memories, but now giving the eiderdown a modern interpretation. Using fabulous fabrics and making a bold statement, we are looking back but styling for the future. 

Together, our collaboration has produced a product, re-intepreted for today, creating a real feeling of sumptuous opulence and excitement about something new.

Used with sheets and blankets an eiderdown gives a wonderfully nostalgic and traditional look but for me, I am happy to have mine over a summer weight duvet and enjoy the real benefits of the warmth that an eiderdown offers. Certainly it’s been a cosy and practical addition this last winter.

The filing used for the eiderdowns is a duck feather and duck down combination with a lining of cambric fabric, treated to prevent feathers from breaking through the fabric. 

Available to order. 

Photography: @peter_atkinson_photographie

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