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The Outdoor Room

Summer is here and we are all hoping for those long sunny days.

Entertaining is an excuse to decorate, so use interior design know-how to create something unexpected and to transform your outside space into the ideal summer dining experience and your guests will be in for a treat! Take your style and put it outside.

There’s nothing better than spending time with friends and family whilst enjoying a delicious meal. The food can be still cooked on the BBQ but the table is set for dinner, keep the tablecloth and napkins in linen: simple, fresh and crisp, these are the canvas and then add the story as you go …  Let’s add colour to match the abundance of colour in the garden, why not have the silver cutlery and the vintage turquoise dinner service on the table, coloured glassware  embossed with gold decoration, flowers are a must! Add warmth and texture: lovely, richly coloured rugs for the inevitable chill in the air as the warmth fades and the sun goes down.  At night, set the lights low with candles everywhere to create an intimate and cozy feel. Decorate the walls of the old piggery with trellis, old french door shutters, add grills and antique hoppers – even the owl is curious to see what is happening in his garden.


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